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  1. City Council candidate → campaign contributions summarized by Peter Loeb,
  2. PPA endorsed candidates: Mayra Espinosa and Marj Davis,
  3. Thoughts on Facing the Whirlwind of 2020 by Rev. Kathy Crary,
  • I am a mom, and I am pleading for change
  • I am a descendent of men who fought in the American Revolution,
    • Of brothers who battled on opposing sides of the Civil War,
    • The granddaughter of a Rosie the Riveter,
    • Of veterans who defended democracy in World War II,
    • The daughter of a Vietnam Veteran.

  • Now, I am a mom to children who have had Active Shooter drills since preschool.
  • Right now,
    • I am not proud to be an American if being American means guns over kids,
    • I am not proud to live in a country that values the second amendment over all else.
    • This is not freedom. This is not what my family has fought for.

  • There have been so many mass shootings in my lifetime, that I relate milestones with the deaths of innocents.
    • I was in 8th grade for Columbine,
    • Gabby Giffords was shot the year I got married,
    • Sandy Hook was before I became a mom,
    • Fort Hood was the year my daughter was born,
    • Pulse Nightclub was on my birthday,
    • Parkland was when my son was 10 months old.

  • After each shooting, there are thoughts and prayers and moments of silence.
    • It’s too soon to discuss guns the GOP will say.
    • Gun sales go up.
    • Then the world continues to spin and we move on.
    • Except for the families that don’t.
    • The moms and dads and brothers and sisters who never get to hug again.
    • The babies, only identifiable by DNA.

  • School is done for the year.
    • Our kids will be safe for a few weeks.
    • As long as they don’t go to church.
    • Or a medical facility.
    • Or drive down the freeway.

  • We have to do something now.
    • I want to honestly tell my children that school is a safe place and I cannot say it is.
    • I want to.
    • I want it to be a place where they are protected.
    • A place where teachers will never have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • I hope to be proud again someday.
    • If America is the land of the free,
    • We must be brave enough to put down the guns.
    • Enough is enough.

  • I am a mom, and I demand action.