Edition 7 September 2022

Calendar of Events

MON 10/3/22 at 7 PMPlanning Commission
TH 10/6/22 at 5 PMSign wave for Paul Chervatin, HWY 1 by the Moose Lodge
SAT 10/8/22 3-5 PMIce cream Social for Christine Boles, Sharp Park Market, 1610 Palmetto Ave
SUN 10/9/22
10 AM-12 PM
3:30 – 5 PM

Coffee at Chit Chat Cafe with Christine Boles, 5 W. Manor Drive
Meet and Greet Laura Parmer-Lohan at Table Wine, 1710 Francisco Blvd
MON 10/10/22 at 7 PMCity Council
MON 10/17/22 at 7 PMPlanning Commission
FRI 10/21/22 from 10 AM – 3 PMHousing Leadership Day
MON 10/24/22 at 7 PMCity Council
SAT 10/29/22 from 10 AM – 1 PMEV EXPO, Community Center, 540 Crespi Dr.
SAT 11/5/22 3 – 5:30 PM40TH Anniversary Pacificans Care

Photos have been contributed by Leo Leon and Mark Hubbell

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ELECTION 2022 Endorsements by Pacifica Progressive Alliance

Christine Boles, City Council, District 2

Hello PPA members and friends! I am honored to have received your endorsement for my race for Pacifica City Council for District 2!

I’ve worked hand in hand with many of you already, reviewing poorly designed development projects and the new General Plan, looking at Pacifica’s climate policies and dreaming of how our city can become more of a visionary leader, working towards solutions for building affordable housing, and attending and learning from your wonderful peace and social justice events. You are already my people, and my partners in trying to bring our town to a place where we care for each individual, our society as a whole, and for our planet.

I plan to continue this work whether or not I am elected, but I think we all agree that our City Council can and must do better.  Pacifica faces so many critical issues that will come to a head the next 4 years, and we really need experienced leadership that is not afraid to ask tough questions, leadership that is also listening to our community and is not beholden to special interests. We also need leadership with a creative vision, building our economy and building much needed housing, making sure we are doing so in areas that are safe, while simultaneously protecting our precious environment. We also need long term vision and planning, to continue the work started to address sea level rise, coastal erosion, flooding, and increased fire risks, and to better partner with and support our essential city workers, as well as other critical agencies like the Coastal Commission. And we need someone with heart that will work to find compassionate solutions instead of banning our homeless in the middle of an epidemic and costing our city close to a million dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

I honestly never imagined myself as a politician before, but like Esther in the Old Testament, perhaps I have been brought here with my technical training and life experiences, skills and passions, “for such a time as this”. I feel called to volunteer to serve Pacifica in this capacity, and I know I am the most qualified person running for Council for District 2.

This is indeed a race, and the finish line is not far off, with just over 40 days to go until November 8th. Ballots will go out soon and my team is working hard to knock on every door before then. I am getting really good feedback from our community and if you drive around and see the vast number of my signs, you’ll see that I have many wonderful supporters.

But my opponent is also out there working hard. As he has the support of the entire current City Council who seem to be afraid of me and of the tough questions I ask. Unfortunately, other Democratic leaders like Anna Eshoo, Josh Becker, Kevin Mullin, Don Horsley, Ray Mueller, etc. have all endorsed him without ever speaking to me. The political battlefield can be quite disheartening. But I believe in “We the People”, and that is where I take heart and find my motivation to go out every day. I can’t do this alone though. If we are to win, I will need the help from each one of you.

The last election for District One was won by only 19 votes. I need you to get the word out to your friends and neighbors in District 2, I could use your help knocking on doors or making calls to get out the vote. We could use some help at some of our upcoming events, and we could use a few more donations so that we can send one more mailer out to all residents of our district as the ballots come out.

You can learn more about me, sign up to volunteer, or donate through my website, https://www.christineforpacifica.com/

Our upcoming public events include:

Ice Cream Social/Meet and Greet at the Sharp Park Market
1610 Palmetto Avenue
Saturday October 8, 3-5

Coffee Chat at the Chit Chat
5 West Manor Drive
Sunday October 9, 10-12

Get out the Vote Family Halloween Festival
Edgemar Park
Saturday October 29, time TBD

Thank you for your support and for caring so much about our beautiful town!

With gratitude,


Paul Chervatin, City Council, District 5

My name is Paul Chervatin and I am running for City Council in Pacifica’s District 5, which includes most of Linda Mar and all of Pedro Point. A good mental map that I like to draw when thinking about our district is that it covers all the homes between Crespi and Linda Mar that are West of Manzanita to Alicante. If you’re in that area, then you’re in District 5 and I’m your neighbor and you can vote for me in this election!

I’m running for City Council to protect Pacifica’s most important resources: its people and natural beauty. Specifically, I am running to stop the hazardous developments on San Pedro Mountain. Pacifica needs more housing, so why are you opposing this, you may ask. Simple: these two proposed developments on San Pedro Mountain would destroy the open space at San Pedro Mountain and increase the traffic and taxes for everyone in Pacifica. That’s a bad deal for Pacifica so I’m actively fighting to stop it and will continue to do so if elected.

I have publicly pledged to vote AGAINST the two proposed developments on San Pedro Mountain, known as “Hillside Meadows” and “Linda Mar Woods” and I would ask that everyone else running for City Council this year do the same.

If elected this November, every Pacifican can count on me to honor the commitments I have made to:

  • Protect Pacifica’s Hillsides & Pedro Point Basin
  • Prevent Unnecessary City Spending
  • Propose Responsible Affordable Housing Solutions

Protect Pacifica’s Hillsides & Pedro Point Basin: Currently Linda Mar is slated for development on its southern hillsides. This development violates Pacifica’s own Hillside Preservation District which was made to protect our town from irresponsible developments like this.

I also oppose this development on San Pedro Mountain because it will increase traffic and taxes for the people of Pacifica. How? The two proposed developments would cost in city services such as utilities and infrastructure what they cannot replenish in terms of revenue. In other words, the property taxes from each of the resulting new houses proposed for Hillside Meadows or Linda Mar Woods would not cover the city costs associated to support those houses, but it would put hundreds of additional cars on our narrow city roads trying to access Highway 1 during commute and school hours. For anyone dropping off children at school or trying to get to work in the morning it’s bad enough already, we don’t need to make it worse. Typically, deals have downsides and up sides, but it’s hard to find an upside in a “deal” that increases our traffic, taxes, and forever destroys the mountain that so many of us walk, hike, bike, and enjoy. This is not a good deal for Pacificans, so I oppose it.

Simply put, I do not support bad deals for Pacificans. In a city with a relatively small budget and forecasted shortfalls, once our city’s federal Covid relief money runs out, we especially cannot afford developments that are ecologically and fiscally hazardous.

Prevent Unnecessary City Spending

If you’re like me you want to keep your property taxes from increasing, all while continuing to support the critical city services that are necessary to support our daily life here in Pacifica. Our city council should have elected officials that make fiscally responsible decisions, not jeopardize our budget with unnecessary and avoidable lawsuit costs. Recent decisions by the current city council have cost our city over $850,000 in avoidable lawsuits, money that could have been better spent.

I will listen to warnings and not start fights that would cost our city money we cannot afford to lose. You can also expect for me to work with state and federal agencies to avoid unnecessary city spending.

Propose Responsible Affordable Housing Solutions

I’m also very worried about our growing housing problem and how we balance and maintain our coastal community quality of life while also creating housing solutions for our friends and family that can no longer afford to live in Pacifica. We need to address the growing housing issue so that fewer of our friends and family members get priced out of town. If you elect me you can count on responsible housing proposals becoming a priority for Pacifica.

What matters most to you? I want to hear your thoughts and represent your concerns. I have learned that what matters most to Pacificans varies by family so it has become my goal during the campaign to understand those varied priorities across Pacificans by walking door to door and meeting as many of you as will come to the door and greet me!

If you see some cheerful strangers holding “Paul for Pacifica” banners, fliers, or door hangers and knocking on your door, please let them know what’s on your mind, what you care most about, what you love about Pacifica and want to keep, and what you want us to improve.

Everyone on my team is one of your neighbors! Most of our team is comprised of long-time Pacifica residents for over 30 years, many of them born and raised here. Like many of you, the volunteers on my team have seen the ebbs and flows of change in Pacifica over the years and they have selected me as their preferred candidate for the 2022 Pacifica City Council race because they are confident I am the best equipped to honor Pacifica’s history and energize its future.

Along the way I have also picked up endorsements from active community and mission-based organizations that promote similar values to those of my campaign: fairness, integrity, and the protection of people and natural resources. The Sierra Club, the San Mateo Central Labor Council, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, and the Teamsters, Local 856 have all endorsed me and support my candidacy for Pacifica City Council, District 5. I am also very grateful for the support and endorsement of the PPA and many of its members that are volunteering their time to help us win, thank you!

There are so many ways to join us and offer your support for my election to Pacifica’s City Council. Five ways you can support my candidacy and election are to:

  • sign up as a volunteer,
  • endorse me by sending me an email to paulforpacifica@gmail.com with a quote about why you are voting for me,
  • display a Paul Chervatin for City Council yard sign at your home or business,
  • make a donation so that we can continue to fund our campaign,
  • and most importantly, please vote for me and cast your ballot by November 8th!

Please visit my website to learn more, donate, and get in touch: www.PaulforPacfiica.com

Laura Parmer-Lohan, San Mateo County Supervisor District 3

Hi! I am Laura Parmer-Lohan, candidate for San Mateo County Supervisor D3. I’m very grateful for the endorsement of the Pacifica Progressive Alliance (PPA). Your leadership is forward-thinking and inspiring!

I am running for Supervisor to ensure an equitable, safe, and sustainable present and future for us all. District 3 is very diverse and has unique needs, Pacifica included. As a lifelong progressive and small business owner, City Councilmember and former mayor, my leadership brings people together and delivers quantifiable results.

When elected, I will:

  • Lead efforts to address the devastating effects of drought in San Mateo County by increasing water recycling capacity, including recycling wastewater for the irrigation of parks, schools, farms landscaping and public buildings
  • Champion infrastructure investment to protect the San Mateo County coastline
  • Reduce flammable brush and vegetation in parks, open space, and around critical infrastructure to prevent wildfire
  • Promote the recruiting, retaining, equipping, and training of firefighters, nurses and first responders. My stance on these issues has earned the endorsement of CAL FIRE (representing San Mateo County and Coastside Firefighters) and Redwood City Firefighters.
  • Champion the protection of open spaces, beaches, and forests and work to reduce the traffic that pollutes our air. This will take assertive and creative input from citizens, businesses, and government.
  • Ensure that every taxpayer dollar is spent efficiently, responsibly, and accountably to provide services and programs that positively affect all county residents
  • Fight to amend the state constitution to prohibit state interference with, or denial of, an individual’s right to reproductive freedom and contraceptives. I’m proud to be the sole endorsee of Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte.

As we work together to improve the lives of all our neighbors, I believe that it is imperative to continue to provide safety net services, ensure equity of housing opportunity and promote welcoming, diverse neighborhoods and workplaces.

I will take the lead on the SMC Home for All initiative to ensure that the county policies keep renter protections current and ensure that renters do not suffer housing insecurity/instability due to unjust policies or practices. And I will champion policies for the creation of readily available, affordable childcare for all income levels and the creation and maintenance of affordable housing.

I will make sure that county housing policies and programs meet state-mandated interim housing requirements and guidelines. In addition, I will advocate for resources and innovative solutions that will enable municipalities and townships to meet their requirements for providing low and very-low-income housing. This can include identifying county-owned land that can be developed for work force housing, pre-approving ADU permits and adopting a county density bonus like the one I championed in San Carlos.

I will advocate for ensuring that information and access to services and decision-making bodies is available in a culturally sensitive manner (e.g., translations, fluent speakers, and preferred/practical modes of communication). This will be done in multiple venues and formats including the Redwood City office of the supervisors, mobile office hours in locations across the district, broad social networking outreach and USPS deliveries.

I am prepared and committed to teaming with PPA and other groups like “Fixin’ SMC” to pass a resolution to abolish the transfer of immigrants to ICE in San Mateo County. I will also address other areas of priority and concern including ensuring the responsible use of force and tasers. Trust in public safety resources can only be achieved through transparency and civic involvement. I will strongly advocate for both. When it comes to racial profiling, I am prepared to legislate in support of efforts to ban such policies and punish those who do not comply.

In the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is notable that over 50% of recent car sales in the county were electric. This will increase demand for chargers in public spaces. As a board member of Peninsula Clean Energy, I have gone on record in support of, and will continue to advocate for, increased investment in electric chargers. I’m also pushing for the creation of a grants for qualified homeowners to convert their homes from natural gas to electric power. I will ensure that county residents are fully informed about, and have access to, the programs that are included in the recent Inflation Reduction Act.

I am a proponent of the One Shoreline project and am committed to helping our communities proactively address the effects of sea level rise. The solutions are costly, and I will seek and secure funding at the county, state, and federal levels.

I would love for you to join Team Laura today! Please donate, endorse, volunteer and of course…VOTE! Thank you for your time and consideration. www.lauraforsupervisor.com

© Leo Lyon Images


Remembering Susanne Jones

I am sorry to write that our dear friend Susanne Jonas passed away from complications related to pneumonia on August 30th. Susanne had lived in Pacifica for many years, but in 2019 she moved to Piedmont Gardens in Oakland. Susanne was a lifelong activist, scholar, mother, grandmother, and violinist.

She got her start in activism when she traveled to Mexico as part of an orchestra when she was a student at Radcliffe College. She was touched by the poverty she saw, and immediately began studying the roots of that poverty. She became one of the first specialists in the country in the emerging field of Latin American Studies, which she helped to found. She wrote many books, and her work focused on Central America with a speciality in  Guatemala. She was one of the founders of the magazine, North American Congress on Latin America, which Susanne last contributed to in 2015.

Susanne taught Latin American & Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz for 24 years, and was especially proud to have received a university Distinguished Teaching Award. She created a web page that has a list of all of her books and articles.

Toward the end of her life Susanne was working on a book of pieces that were tributes to some of the many authors and activists she knew and worked with throughout her life. Part of her struggle with that book was figuring out how to share stories of these amazing people without putting a spotlight on herself. While she was a brilliant academic and activist, she always maintained a serious commitment to the struggles she supported and tried to keep herself out of the focus.

Many of us in Pacifica got to know Susanne when she became involved with the successful fight to stop the expansion of HIghway 1 in the 2010s. Susanne then went on to work with Pacifica Social Justice and was part of the team that got the city to declare itself a sanctuary city.

Finally, there was a part of Susanne that many of us only knew because she was often not available to meet on certain nights because she “had a rehearsal.” Susanne remained active playing violin in community orchestras until shortly before she left Pacifica. It was a cause of great sadness for Susanne that her arthritis eventually got inthe way.

Susanne is survived by her daughter, Rebecca Bodenheimer, her son-in-law, Lázaro Moncada, and her grandchildren, Julián and Xiomara.

If you are interested in donating in Susanne’s honor please give to:

Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) and Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)

San Mateo County Democrats and Pacifica Progressive Alliance: District 2 endorsement challenged – Suzanne Moore

This is likely one of the most important local elections of our lifetime: we will be making decisions on housing, climate change and its impact, and the COVID economic recovery. Never before has the stark difference between those with and without housing and economic security been more apparent. With our vote, we choose the first steps that follow.

Pacifica, like other communities, has not done well to support its tenants, create low-income housing, or protect the civil rights of a vulnerable population, our unhoused. Many in our community recognize that our Council has been dominated by special interests, and it is a time for change.

The San Mateo County Democrats (SMC Dem) chose a candidate supported by that Council. The Pacifica Progressive Alliance endorses Christine Boles for District 2.

I am grateful to Victoria Sanchez De Alba and Diana Reddy who challenged the SMC Dem endorsement. Although their arguments did not change the endorsement, the voices and votes in support of Christine Boles were appreciated.

Chair Maki gave permission to the Voice to share this statement:

“Thank you for your feedback on our choice of endorsed candidate for the Pacifica race. We try to endorse the candidate that best reflect our Democratic values through a robust process. Our process includes a questionnaire, an interview and recommendation by the interview team, and the decision reviewed by the entire Central Committee. The review by the Central Committee provided the opportunity for Diana and Victoria to pull the race from the consent calendar and speak on behalf of Christine Boles.

“Although it is a thorough process, our endorsement process isn’t perfect. We are an experienced, but all-volunteer body. This year we will again review our process for opportunities for improvement, as we do every year.

“I hope you will stay involved with the party and suggest ways to improve our process.

“I also hope you will stay involved in Pacifica policy and politics to make sure your city council makes decisions that benefit the community and embody Democratic values.”

Chair Maki’s challenge deserves deeper consideration from Pacifica Progressives. Many progressive ideals have been watered down or dropped from Democrat platforms.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider our priorities and look for ways to better unify our efforts. It is difficult to envision collaboration with special interests who are responsible for both displacement leading to increased homelessness and skyrocketing rents causing housing instability. The way forward must be inclusive.


Pacifica Resource Center and Pacifica Safe Parking Permit (PSPP) – Suzanne Moore

Pacifica Resource Center (PRC) has nearly fifty years experience in assisting those at risk for and experiencing homelessness. Since COVID and its economic downturn, PRC has been busier than ever.

PRC provides direct services, including water during the heat wave, groceries through its pantry and other grocery programs, and showers by appointment. PRC also offers case management to keep our neighbors housed and help our unhoused neighbors return to housing. Pacifica’s new Safe Parking Permit (PSPP) provides that life-changing opportunity for our unhoused neighbors who live in motor homes and other oversized vehicles.  Website: pacresourcecenter.org

PSPP started on 6/29/2022 and has provided eight PSPP participants respite, black and grey water service, garbage and recycling, and case management for housing. To date, one PSPP participant has been matched to the Housing Readiness Program, a 5-year housing subsidy, and another is in the final stages of being offered a Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Voucher, a lifetime subsidy for chronically homeless veterans; PRC expects both participants to return to housing before the holidays.

Catherine Nieva-Duran is PRC’s enthusiastic PSPP Coordinator who gets support for outreach from PRC’s Unhoused on the Coast (UC) Outreach Specialists Roberto Sandoval and Cristina Niu. Please refer an unhoused individual on the streets, in an encampment, or in a vehicle in Pacifica or along the coast through Pescadero to PRC’s UC Outreach staff at UCOutreach@pacresrourcecenter.org.

PSPP faces unique challenges. It is important for our community to be aware.

  1. Five of the planned total thirteen designated parking spots are under appeal: one space by the North Coast County Water District (NCCWD) and four by appellants to the Coastal Commission. The NCCWD is amenable to offering a different site. The Coastal Commission, while awaiting further discussion on their agenda, clearly states that any parking spot in the coastal zone is available for parking and cannot be ticketed if the vehicle moves every 72 hours.
  2. Homeowners in the Fairway neighborhoods remain anxious about the three designated spaces on Lundy Way. Sadly, some neighbors are making anonymous tips and complaints about PSPP participants on Lundy, honking when motorhome residents are sleeping, and make derogatory remarks on social media. Responses to the complaints take away time from PSPP that PRC and City of Pacifica, in particular Pacifica Police, staff could be better spent on other community needs.

Mike Callagy, County Executive Officer of San Mateo County, has called homelessness the greatest social issue of our time. San Mateo County is committed to end homelessness. With a dearth of low-income housing, interim programs like PSPP and Half Moon Bay’s Coast House provides a life-changing and life-saving service for our unhoused, 70% of whom are neighbors priced out of their previous housing in our community.

FIFTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – that is how long the PRC has served our neighbors. Let’s continue support of their excellent work.

  1. PRC’s annual fundraiser, Palm-a-Palooza is celebrating virtually this year. Let’s make this the best year ever. Go to www.palmapalooza.com to sponsor and PRC will deliver a gift on 10/8/2022.
  2. Speak to neighbors, your church, council members in support of PRC and PSPP.
  3. Become a PRC volunteer! Go to www.pacresourcecenter.org/contact  to tell them you want to volunteer.
  4. Help PRC recruit an Economic Security & Volunteer Coordinator by sharing PRC’s job announcement on Indeed.

Let’s do our part locally to end homelessness.

HIP Housing News

“HIP Housing is excited to expand its growing volunteer program on the coast, but we need your help! More volunteers are needed to table at local events, update email lists, and much more. Serve the community and help solve the affordable housing crisis by volunteering for HIP Housing. Email Laura Fanucchi at lfanucchi@hiphousing.org and visit our website at the following link for more information and to become part of the team! https://hiphousing.org/how-to-help/

HIP Housing Home Sharing Program

HIP Housing Home Sharing Program helps match individuals seeking housing with people who have a room or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to rent.

How to Participate:

  • Home Seekers must live, work, or attend school in San Mateo County.
  • Home Providers must reside in San Mateo County.

If you have questions, or would like to make an appointment, call us at 650-348-6660.

Click Here to See Monthly Rooms Available List

Click Here to See Roommates Seeker List

Housing Leadership Day

HLC’s Housing Leadership Day is back in person!

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird special! Join the Housing Leadership Council at their annual premier housing conference: Housing Leadership Day 2022

The conference will be held on Friday, October 21 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 pm. This will be an in-person conference with a virtual option, light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

© Leo Lyon Images


CA Senate Narrowly Fails to Pass VISION Act – Blue Murov, Pacifica Social Justice

The VISION Act (AB 937, the Voiding Inequality and Seeking Inclusion for Our Immigrant Neighbors), authored by State Assembly member Wendy Carrillo, was introduced in the California state 2021 legislative session where it passed in the Assembly. In August, It finally came before the Senate for approval. Despite a massive outpouring of community support across the state and nation, the CA Senate failed to pass the #VISIONAct on August 31st. We express our appreciation for all who voted yes. We denounce the cowardice of those who abstained or voted no and the silence of Governor Newsom on this important issue.

Here is the partial statement from the ICE Out of CA coalition:

“The CA Senate narrowly fails to pass the VISION Act, failing communities across the state and the country. Community groups denounce cowardice of Senators abstaining despite the overwhelming support in their districts. The VISION Act represents the future; those who cling to the failed policies of the past are on the wrong side of history.

“The Senate’s failure to pass the VISION Act means that families across the state will continue to see long-awaited reunions with loved ones who have earned release from prison or jail turned into a nightmare of family separation and ICE detention. Those Senators who abstained or voted no demonstrated a shameful lack of courage and a clear failure of leadership, ignoring many hundreds of calls from constituents and organizations in their districts and support of state and national leaders and California voters.

“ICE Out of California pledges to continue working day and night to end the practice of ICE transfers. We express our sincere appreciation for legislative leaders who spoke on the floor and who authored and supported the bill. And most importantly, we honor the leadership of community members directly affected by ICE transfers, who in sharing their stories from prison cells, detention centers, and even across borders, have forever transformed public opinion on this issue.

“Other states including Illinois and Oregon have already passed similar legislation. A poll conducted by UC San Diego’s US Immigration Policy Center found that two-thirds of voters back the VISION Act. The VISION Act would end California’s use of local and state resources to assist ICE with immigration arrests, detention and deportation. The bill would have ensured that once a person has earned their release from state prison or local jail, they are not transferred to abusive and possibly deadly ICE detention, and instead are able to return to their loved ones and rebuild their lives. This includes a person who has completed their sentence, been granted parole, had charges dropped, or been granted release by a judge.”

For more information go to ICE Out of California.

Peace Week 2022!

We had a full calendar of events for this year’s Peace Week – September 14-21, culminating in the amazing sign-waving event on HWY 1 on September 21, International Peace Day [see photo]. Such an outpouring of support from motorists during that hour [5:00-6:00 pm] caused us to wonder: how could anyone even think of war? There is no support here in Pacifica, surely. Other peace events, sponsored by Pacifica Peace People, included an opinion piece in the Pacifica Tribune on September 14; and the powerful reading, by 16 members of our community at the Sanchez Art Center, of the entire “Beyond Vietnam” speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 04, 1967.

 As we go to press, the escalation of aggression by Russia in the Ukraine which brings the continuing reactive, limitless shipment of more lethal weapons and military support from US sends chills through us. Such a dire set of circumstances borders on the despair and fear that a nuclear holocaust could be nearer than we think. Pacifica Peace People joins the “Peace in Ukraine” Coalition of hundreds of peace organizations across the country. Together we beseech our elected officials to demand ceasefire immediately, determine to find peaceful solutions, and recognize that non-military peace agreements are the only hope to avert more destruction and lead us down a path of endless suffering. We can do this! Please join us in contacting your Congressional representatives and Senators to do the right thing and reject new legislation to send more weapons to Ukraine. Thank you! Pacifica Peace People

© Mark Hubbell


Tree City Pacifica – Paul Totah

Most of us spend time exploring our own family roots, whether through 23andme or Ancenstry.com. We spend far less time, however, thinking about the roots right outside our homes.

Not everyone is aware that cutting or covering roots can kill a tree just as surely as cutting it down. Once roots are damaged, the tree can slowly die or in some cases fall and endanger nearby homes.  

Recently, we have become aware of some confusion regarding sidewalks and tree roots. The city had to be called in when workers in front of one business were cutting City tree roots indiscriminately and without a permit.

According to one city official, “typically, the property owners maintain the sidewalks. There are sidewalk cutting services, which will cut the lifted portion of the sidewalk and make it flush.  If homeowners want to cut roots, they should, he noted, call an arborist first, and then apply for a permit with the City.”

In general, we’re not a fan of cutting roots near sidewalks or driveways because that will adversely affect the health of trees. Instead, we encourage you to hire someone to increase the hole around the tree, or grind the sidewalk to correct the problem. Bartlett Tree Experts recommends that “shaving or grinding the concrete [be] done with a specialized cutting machine. The goal is to lower the raised concrete edge to the level of the lower slab. Concrete can be ground to about half of its original thickness.”  Grinding is much less expensive that replacing concrete.

Note, too, what Inexpensive Tree Care of Portland, Oregon, has to say about cutting roots. “Only an expert should attempt to cut tree roots. Some species die after losing even a small fraction of their roots. If tree roots need to be cut, they must first be marked by [an] arborist. Without this approval, cutting roots can easily damage or kill a tree and earn you a hefty fine. Plus, if done incorrectly, trimming roots will harm your tree and make it more likely to weaken or even topple. This also applies to the ineffective method of carving an ‘X’ on the top of a root. Excessive root pruning is often expensive and alone will not solve your problem as studies have shown that sidewalks will lift again within an average of five years.”

Let me emphasize that the problem of a toppling tree is far worse than that of a sidewalk being lifted. Those of us who live in Vallemar recall a house on Reina del Mar that was destroyed after the roots of a tree nearby were damaged.

The best thing to do, of course, is to plan properly for trees before you plant them. Dr. Kelby Fite of The Bartlett Lab Staff recommends selecting tree species “to fit the available space. If space is limited, small-maturing trees or species known not to damage pavement should be planted. Alternatively, modifications can be made under or next to the pavement to reduce root growth. Modifications that will extend the useful life of sidewalk pavement include installation of root barriers alongside the pavement or installing a root-excluding base beneath the concrete. Root barriers must be at least 18 inches (45 cm) deep and the top must be above the soil and mulch surface to be effective.”

Dr. Fite also recommends increasing “the distance from the tree to the edge of the sidewalk. This can be done by either narrowing the sidewalk or rerouting it around the tree. The Americans with Disabilities Act limits sidewalk width to no less than 39 inches (1m). By increasing the distance from the sidewalk to the trunk, the roots that are most likely to cause damage will no longer be underneath the pavement. Sidewalks can often be curved around a tree with the permission of the [city]. These techniques can avoid damage to large roots that are primarily responsible for tree stability.”

The bottom line, of course, is that we all need to care for the trees near our homes and businesses, and do all we can to ensure that they stay healthy as we try to mitigate any tripping hazards that might be caused by growing roots.

Annual Pacifica Coastside EV Expo


Pacifica’s Environmental Family, in partnership with the City of Pacifica and Peninsula Clean Energy, will be hosting the 1st Annual Pacifica Coastside EV EXPO in Pacifica open to the public on Saturday, October 29th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Pacifica Community Center parking lot, located on the corner of Crespi Drive and Highway One and across from Linda Mar Beach. 

We are currently seeking EV owners to volunteer as Ambassadors to  bring their EV to the Expo and share your personal experience, enthusiasm and expertise  with attendees during the EXPO. 

Are you a local EV owner and available to spread the news bout the transition to clean powered vehicles?  Signup today – and Pacifica’s Environmental Family will get back to you about your participation at this event .  Use this link on Eventbrite

Our goal is to have up to 24 EVs on display – one each of different makes and models. 

EV Owners participating in the event are asked to arrive between 9:00am to 9:45am and stay for the entirety of the event.    Once we have confirmed your spot in the EXPO, we will send you an email with the additional details for this fun family friendly community event.   

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Pacificans Care 40th Anniversary

Join Pacificans Care as we celebrate 40 years of Caring for our Community

Pacificans Care is the only Pacifica nonprofit organization solely dedicated to supporting social services in Pacifica from children and youth to families and seniors. Pacificans Care is a volunteer-based organization administered by an active Board of Directors comprised of community members dedicated to making a difference in our community.

For more information about Pacificans Care:
web: pacificanscare.com
email: pacificanscare1982@gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/PacificansCare
Address:P.O. Box 875, Pacifica, California 94044        

Pacificans Care, EIN 77-0004308, an exempt organization permitted by
Section 501(c.)(3.) of the Internal Revenue Code